Silvana soap-P

Silvana Hand & Body Wash

While many hand washes will get you clean, Silvana hand and body wash does more. In addition to its cleansing characteristics, the rich lathering effect, good skin conditioning replacing sebum leading to a soft after-feel, the pearly creamy texture, and a delicious Vanilla scent will stimulate your senses with every use. This newly developed wash keeps your skin moisturized and refreshed.
Rose Soap-P

Rose Soap

It is a beauty soap, the base of which is derived from vegetable natural fats and oils. Rose soap is tallow free, and it is free from harmful alkaline residues. In rose beauty soap alkalinity is diminished to almost 0%. This way we avoid skin damage and harshness leaving the skin’s acid mantle unharmed. The humidity level is moderate, which translates in abundant lathering and slower dissolution of the soap bar. In addition to its Palm Oil base, Almond oil and Glycerin are added.